Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Giveaway! Kitchen Disasters (closed)

I remember one snowy day my senior year of high school, I decided to cook some biscuits. I turned on the oven and got everything ready. After a few minutes, The Husband (then The Boyfriend) said he smelled something weird. I opened the oven and to my horror there was a plastic spatula melting to the oven rack. I grabbed an oven mitt but the spatula was gooey and it was like a long string of cheese.

Sadly that is not the worst part of the story. Somehow, I really don't know how, the spatula caught on fire. This is the part of the story that shows how resourceful I am and why I'm great to have around in an emergency. Instead of panicking, I ran outside into the snow and dropped what was left of the spatula. I put a little snow on it and it was over. However, my parents were very curious as to why there was half a burnt spatula in the driveway. I think the better question is why was there a spatula in the oven.

I was so cool in high school
Now to the giveaway. I want you to tell me your worst kitchen disaster. Everyone seems to have one no matter how little experience they have. The winner will receive a $25 Target gift card because who doesn't love Target?  Rules are as follows:

1. Must be a public follower of Stepford Wife in Training. The option is on the right side and all you need is to enter your email address. I promise it doesn't send you emails.

2. In the comments section of this post, tell me your worst kitchen disaster story.

Isn't that super easy? Contest will close at 11:59 p.m. on May 6th.



  1. oooh what a good giveaway! I think my worst kitchen disaster would have to be when my sister and I tried to make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. We put butter in the microwave in a glass bowl and it exploded. It scared us to death! haha And was a mess. Your spatula story is so funny!! Luckily I haven't had any fires, but something inevitably always seems to go wrong when I try and cook...

  2. One day I decided to make my hubby some chocolate chip cookies (his all-time favorite). This was just a few months after getting married, and I'd already made the cookies a couple times, but each time they weren't exactly perfect, but edible. As I was making the cookies this time, I noticed that no matter how much flour I added, I couldn't get them to be the right consistency. After adding a couple cups more than what the recipe called for, I decided to call it good and just accept that they'd be a little more flat and moist than usual. A few minutes after sticking the first batch in the oven, I went to check on them, and not only were the cookies flattened out, but they had totally melted together into a big, gloppy, gooey mess! I took them out of the oven in shock, wondering what in the world had happened to them! I even called my mom (since she knows everything about baking) to see what I'd done wrong, and even she didn't have answers for me. It took me a few days, but I finally remembered that I'd switched the canisters that held flour and powdered sugar a few weeks earlier, so instead of making cookies with flour, I'd pretty much made "brittle" with powdered sugar!! Oops :)

  3. Being that I am not the most savvy in all things domestic I have kitchen horrors a plenty. When Cody and I first moved to Ogden we lived in a brand new apartment building. Back in those days I was working very early mornings doing shipment, and by early I am talking 5am, which means most of my days began at 4am. I am not one who can go to bed early, so most days I went to work only very little sleep and became a walking zombie as the day went on. On one of those hazy days I decided to make dinner. Bad idea. I was waaay too tired to attempt to cook, but that didn't stop me. I had chosen to make fried rice since I had recently purchased a big fancy wok from Ikea.This particular fried rice recipe calls for multiple things to be cooked at the same time. I was doing my best to cook with the giant wok on the stove along with two other pots. The wok started flipping me with hot oil. In a quick no thought maneuver I moved the wok further back on the stove which required another large pot full of rice to be moved off the hot plate. Not thinking I sat the hot pot onto the counter. The next thing I heard was a giant pop sound. The pot had burned a hole in the formica and left a large burnt outline ring. Luckily no fire started. With all the commotion I burned most of the ingredients to a black crisp. I was in a panic, because the apartment building was brand new we were the first occupants. We had paid a large deposit and were on a month to month contract without a lease. I knew immediately this would little incident would mean a loss of that sizable deposit. I remember having a mental break down in the kitchen that night. Cody, being the great husband he is, just laughed and took me out for dinner that night. He also knew that this would cost us some money lost, but felt bad and let that issue slide for awhile. I was so worried about the deposit I even looked into getting the counter fixed, it was more than I wanted to spend. We just let it go and thought it was inevitable that the deposit was lost. We never brought it up with the apartment office. What was the point, it was hard to miss that burnt spot on the counter and we knew the deposit was lost anyway. When we moved out of the apartment a couple months later, we left it perfectly spotless with the exception of the hole and burn marks. Miraculously about 5 months later a check came in the mail from the apartment building for the entire amount of our deposit. I have no idea why they gave us the deposit back, I just chalked it up to good karma. Never cook when you are tired...lesson learned.

  4. Last mothers day I was being too stubborn to let my husband cook me dinner and insisted on doing it my self. My 3 year old daughter was helping me bake a cake and while mixing it the bar stool she was on some how tipped over and landed on top of her. she cried and cried and I felt awful because I had turned my back. After we got her settled down I put the cake in the oven to bake and got started on the shrimp stir fry while my daughter and husband went outside to play. The wok I was using was a cheap one from Ikea that had apparently seen too many uses because the nonstick coating peeled off of the pan and stuck to the shrimp ruining it. While I was trying to take care of the shrimp the timer went off n the cake so I pulled it out of the oven and set it on the stove. About a minute later i heard what sounded like a very loud gun shot which caused me to jump and scream. When I opened my eyes I saw that the glass cake pan was shattered into hundreds of pieces. Apparently I had turned on the wrong burner for cooking the rice and had set the cake pan on the hot burner, causing the glass cake pan to explode. The glass shards flew at least 12 feet. I was only about a foot away from the cake pan when it blew up and amazingly not a single shard of glass hit me despite the fact that I was a quite large target at 6 and a half months pregnant. It took my husband about 2 hours to clean up the kitchen and living room where the glass shards flew. I no longer cook on holidays.

  5. Oh this is easy for me. It was the first meal I had ever made or was planning on making for Sam. We had decided that BBQd chicken was a good plan for dinner. We had frozen chicken. Me, knowing nothing about cooking yet, had decided that waiting for the frozen chicken to thaw was just taking too long. So, I decided to pop it in some water and thaw it in some boiling water. Well.. let's just say an angry fiance and half cooked chicken and half frozen chicken does not make for an impressive dinner. Let's just say, we ended up cooking frozen chicken nuggets for dinner that night. Thank god my skills have improved since then.

  6. Well, there is no way I am going to beat out the comments on here, so I will just go with the most recent because it is short, sweet, and comical. I was attempting to make dinner and needed boiling water. I waited for the water to boil for a good 45 minutes, starting stomping around like a child insisting that we needed to buy "nicer pots," adding salt to the water, checking on it every 5 minutes, when really, I had forgotten to turn the stove on.

    This was...oh I dont know, maybe 2 weeks ago. hahaha