Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation Monday- Under Construction

I have officially gone two weeks without eating out and have been doing great on going to the gym. Last Tuesday was the first day I went and I was pretty nervous. For some reason, I feel weird walking in when I haven't been there in a while. It feels like everyone is looking at me and knows that I have not been there in forever.

Anyway, I was working on my fitness feeling all great when six high school girls walked in in booty shorts and half shirts. All my greatness floated out of me and I was left feeling like a stick of butter with arms and legs. I know it is not their fault but for some reason I was annoyed and wondering:

"Do their parents know they're half-naked at the gym?"
"Why on earth do high school girls need to be at the gym?"
"How do they run and talk at the same time?"
"Man, Chloe isn't getting the message that Mike doesn't like her."

I realize that the reason they look great is because they go to the gym but I was so sweaty and sore that logic did not matter to me. I finished my work out and decided to call my youngest sister because she's in high school and would know the answers to my questions. After she assured me that they were not there to make me feel bad, we turned the topic back to me.

Me: "I figure since I have braces I'm under construction and should really work on my body."
Sister: "Under construction? You're not I-15."
Me: "Oh, I am. It's just that instead of adding two lanes I want to lose one."

So there we have it. I am labeling myself as under construction for the year. I feel good and am starting to physically feel the difference (it doesn't hurt that The Husband has also noticed the changes). Hopefully I can continue to go to the gym and make smart eating choices.


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