Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aca-mazing News

I got a new job! My first day is tomorrow and I am so excited to be doing something new and learning how to do a different type of job. It will be my first ever Monday-Friday, nine to five job. It will be great to have weekends and holidays off and be able to make plans with The Husband.

Since I am going from a job where I wore polyester (gross) to one where I wear my own clothes, I had to make a trip to Banana Republic yesterday. The woman was so helpful and she did not laugh at me when I said I was going for a look that was a cross between Kate Middleton and Zooey Deschanal. I got some cute pencil skirts and an adorable peplum top that I plan on wearing tomorrow. Plus, Fashion Friday will be a lot easier now that I have to look good every day as opposed to just Friday and Saturday.

My only small concern is that I am going from a job where I ran around and lifted things for six to eight hours a day to a desk job. I will definitely be hitting the gym more and must sign up for the fitness evaluation before I gain thirty pounds back. I plan on packing a bag and just heading there after work so hopefully that will help.


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