Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday- Birthday Edition

On Wednesday, I turned 28. It was a fun day but also kind of traumatic. My ten year high school reunion is this summer and I don't quite know how to wrap my brain around that. Anyway, it was a little hard because it was the first birthday I have ever spent away from my family but their phone calls were amazing.

Other than that the day was lovely. I did have to work and go to a stressful job interview but The Husband saved the day (as always). I was excited to wear a new dress and go to dinner at one of my favorite places.

Flowers are my fave gift!

Yummy birthday cupcakes

Got this dress in Vegas
I wish the pic of the dress was better so you could see how adorable it really is. It's sparkly and I just love it. I do wish I had high heeled black boots but I will just have to change that ASAP. Although it was about twenty degrees outside, I felt pretty cute so that kept me warm.

As I mention in my about me, The Husband and I got married on Leap Day 2012. Because of that, we decided to celebrate on March 1st which is today! His birthday is also in February along with Valentine's Day so I'm excited to see how we continue the celebrations.


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