Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cuckoo for Banana

I went to Banana Republic today to take advantage of their sale and the twenty dollar coupon I received a few days ago. I was in the need for shorts and cardigans and am glad to say I found some of both! The dresses kept calling my name but I was able to tunnel vision and walked out with just one unplanned item. Plus, they gave me more coupons for June so I will definitely be back.

From left to right: Anna crew cardigan in mythic blue, Anna crew cardigan in white, Piped pink cotton blazer, Roll-up short in pink sand, Roll-up short in boulder.

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We went shopping for The Husband yesterday at Men's Warehouse and it was an eye opener. I did not realize what went into a man looking sexy in a suit. The measuring and altering were amazing. I wish everywhere I shopped did that. In the end, he got two suits that are sure to make him look very Mad Men in the office.


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  1. OMG your blog hasnt been shwing up in my reader roll!!! I have so much to catch up on! Like I ligit almost wrote on your fb about your lack of blogging! This is like Christmas! haha