Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I once fell off a donkey.

2. Oranges freak me out. Just looking at one makes me want to throw up and run yet I enjoy orange juice and eat grapefruit.

3. I once caught a spatula on fire and threw it outside in the snow hoping my parents wouldn't notice. They noticed.

4.My tongue is freakishly long. Like REALLY long.

5. The one time I skipped school I hatched a plan that involved my friend calling the school and pretending to be my mom saying I could walk home because I was sick and she couldn't pick me up. I got "officially" checked out because I didn't dare miss any assignments for fear it would lower my grade. I completed them that night and turned them in the next day.

6. Although I'm a girly girl, my favorite movie ever is Jurassic Park.

7. The engine in my first car basically blew up.

8. When I was in second grade a mirror fell on me and crushed one of the discs on my back. I couldn't walk for a while.

9. I have crazy strength when it comes to closing jars or bottles of soda. No one can ever open them (including me).

10. I can flick really hard. I flick so hard I bruise people. I don't know how, it's a gift.

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