Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rumor Has It....

That Justin Timberlake will be joining N'Sync at the VMA's this Sunday! This is the beginning of all my fan girl dreams! It makes me so giddy it's not even funny. I have been telling The Husband for years that I would sell his kidney to see N'Sync together again.

Although I love me some SexyBack, all I have wanted as the almost thirty-year-old, bubblegum pop lover that I am is for this moment to come true. I have secretly wished that people would stop offering Justin Timberlake movie roles so that he can have enough time to do a new N'Sync album that turns into a world tour. Maybe they'll re-do Tearin' Up My Heart now that JT can actually fill out that tank top.

Anyway, I leave you with the video of the moment I fell in love with those five (I guess four because I could not stand Chris) perfectly in sync (what! see what I did there?) boys. Yes, I owe it all to the Disney Channel....


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  1. haha I totally saw them for the first time on this Disney special too!! lol so funny!