Saturday, February 22, 2014


February is a HUGE month for The Husband and I. Valentine's Day, birthdays, our anniversary (kind of), it's enough to make your head spin. After our one year anniversary we decided that we should just do a trip every February. No gifts or anything, just quality time. Of course, he is such a sweetheart and always goes above and beyond so it was even better than I could have imagined.

Pictures speak louder than words so I will let my iPhone do the talking.

The biggest slice of pizza ever
Brit-Brit was all over Planet Hollywood!

The view from our room
The chocolate fountain at the Bellagio
Britney love!

My first limo ride

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

I love Sundays with football. I wasn't always crazy about it but living with The Husband has made me appreciate it. It's not just about cheering on for your team. It's about being with friends and family and enjoying ridiculous amounts of food and libations.

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite Sundays so I was definitely watching last night. Although I am not a Bronco fan (at all!), it was neat to live in a place where the team goes big and you can see an entire state celebrate. Everywhere I went people were decked out in their blue and orange. A guy in our office is from Seattle so of course we had to harass him a little. We will surely be paying for it since the Broncos did nothing at that game except show up.

The Seattle fans office.
The game was mediocre and I was not impressed by the commercials at all. There were some touching ones but not one commercial made me die of laughter. Actually, one did but it was a non-Super Bowl commercial. Check it out below. You gotta love Anna Kendrick!


The other thing I was impressed with was the halftime show. I have to admit, I was not ecstatic when I heard it was Bruno Mars but he rocked it out! I think I developed a tiny crush on him because he sure gave me a toner. Any man that can dance like that is a keeper!