Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's Getting Cold In Here

Cooler weather has officially come to Colorado Springs! I am so excited to bust out the boots and darker shades. The outfit below was what I wore Thursday to welcome fall into my life. Cooler months let me play dress up more because you can add scarves, hats, gloves, and so on.

On Friday we woke up to snow! Nothing too crazy, it would hit the ground and melt but it had everyone at work in a panic and definitely served as a warning to get our winter threads prepared.

Snow! Didn't stick but still so exciting.
However, today, in true Colorado fashion, we had an gorgeous, sunny day. The Husband and I decided to spend the afternoon in Denver trying a restaurant that the Travel Channel and a lot of work colleagues have suggested. It is called The Cherry Cricket and was definitely worth the drive. The burger was delicious, they had baskets of frings so that you don't have to decide between fries and onion rings, and was in the cutest neighborhood.

Shopping is good cardio after a meal
We ended up walking over to the Cherry Creek Mall and doing a bit of shopping (just a tiny bit). I am so glad we live close to bigger city that offers so much. Every time we go I think we fall in love with it more. Once we got home, it was dinner time but I was exhausted from all the afternoon fun times. The Husband spoiled me and cooked me a delicious dinner. I am usually not a steak girl but it was the perfect end to the day!



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