Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paravicini's Italian Bistro- Date Night Series

Saturdays are date night around here and I've decided to start a series on where we go. The Husband and I both love trying new restaurants so I am always on google looking for places with good reviews. Although I know not many of you live in the Springs, I think everyone can appreciate knowing a few places just in case you ever end up here.

I will apologize for my pictures. My iPhone is all I have and sometimes the pictures come out great and other times I wonder why it looks like I'm in a cave (like the one below).

Paravicini's is in Old Colorado City, which I love. It's a really cute area with local shops and restaurants and it's fun to just walk up and down the street window shopping. Our reservation was at 07:00 and it was packed when we got there. We requested outside seating because we are still having summer weather here so we did have to wait a few minutes. There is just something about eating outside at night and being surrounded by twinkiling lights that gets me giddy.

The Husband got the Steak Paravicini and just ate it up. As I have said before, I am not a steak person but it looked and smelled delicious. I, of course, got the Fettuccine Gabriella. Scallops and shrimp mixed with pasta is my idea of heaven. I offered The Husband a scallop and he said no because he knows how much I love them (what a guy!). I got mine with a heaping spoon full of parmesan cheese because dammit I can!

Steak Paravicini
Fettuccine Gabriella
The service was great and the food was even better. Everyone around us seemed to enjoy themselves and I heard other customers talking about how wonderful our waitress was. If you are ever in Colorado Springs and in need of some yummy Italian, look no further than Old Colorado City.


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