Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015

I love award shows! I always print out my ballot, make a bunch of junk food, and watch from my comfortable couch. This year, my sisters came over, I baked some brownies, and The Husband joined us on our comfortable couch/floor for the Red Carpet.

My top three looks of the night are:

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy. Even if she didn't win the Oscar, she took home best dressed.

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Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein Collection. I really think she is the only one that could have pulled this dress off. Her body looked amazing and the pearl top gave it the same effect jewelry would have. Her makeup was also gorgeous. 

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Anna Kendrick in Thakoon. The coral definitely stood apart from the other darker gowns and complimented her skin so well. Her hair and makeup rounded up the whole look. Anna is my spirit animal so she can do no wrong.

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Now I don't completely know how I feel about my next pick. I guess maybe it's my controversial pick. Felicity Jones in in Alexander McQueen. I love Felicity. I watched Like Crazy years ago and have loved her ever since. The dress itself is gorgeous. The top has a lot of detail that made it elegant and perfect for a Best Actress nominee. However, the bottom felt more prom or bridal to me. Her hair could have been different, I'm not crazy about the bangs and her lips could have used more of a pop of color.

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My picks for best speech goes to Graham Moore who won for Best Adapted Screenplay. In my heart, there is nothing more important than helping our younger generations understand that the triumphs or pain of adolescence don't always translate to adulthood. The way he talked about how he considered taking his life at the age of sixteen and accepting an Oscar now that he's older really moved me.

Another acceptance speech I loved was Eddie Redmaybe who won for Best Actor for his performance in The Theory of Everything. I love when the winners show their raw excitement and don't try and act aloof and like it's not a big deal. I was shocked he won and clearly so was he! I was expecting Michael Keaton to win.

The biggest shocker to me was Lady Gaga's performance of the The Sound of Music. I had no idea she had that voice! It was refreshing to see her makeup and everything toned down so that you could really see her face and her dress was elegant and appropriate (thank goodness she took the red gloves off!). When Julie Andrews came out and hugged her I almost lost it! It was such a sweet moment and Julie Andrews is always amazing.

Until next year!


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