Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dirty Thirty Part Deux

My thirtieth birthday was Friday and it was as special as I hoped it would be. The Husband surprised me by coming home from work early and taking me out to lunch. He bought me some yummy treats and the most beautiful flowers. 

Along with the treats and flowers, he gave me a card telling me that after lunch with his family the next day we wouldn't be coming home and I needed an overnight bag and a cocktail dress.  I am bad with surprises because once I know that something is happening I turn into a child. However, he did a good job keeping the secret and Saturday after lunch he led me to the car and drove off.

We ended up in Salt Lake City at the Hotel Monaco. The hotel is a hotel we would go to when we lived in Salt Lake anytime we wanted to have a romantic evening. It is right in downtown so everything is close and the staff is always friendly and attentive. I have also always been obsessed with the decor. I feel like they have the perfect combination of modern and sophistication.

The Lobby, I call the couch the seashell
Our room
For dinner, we went to the restaurant in the hotel called Bambara. The food is delicious and it has such a great atmosphere. I ordered the scallops because I am obsessed and was beyond stuffed at the end. We then made our way over to the bar and I had the most delicious cosmopolitan ever.

Overall, the weekend was perfect! I hadn't spent a birthday with my family in a few years so it was nice to spend my birthday evening with them and eat cake and have tequila shots. The first few days of being thirty were incredible and I can't wait to see what the next 360 days will be like.


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