Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shaken, Not Stirred

On Sunday, The Husband and I met his parents for a delicious breakfast and then decided to stop by the second hand store. I love going to Savers here in town to look for books. Anytime I go there, I look for the books I loved as a little girl. Sweet Valley High and The Baby-Sitters Club were my absolute favorite in elementary school and I would still like to complete my collection and pass them on if I ever have a daughter.

I didn't find any books there but we decided to take a peak at the store next door. Right when we walked in I fell in love, deeply and all at once. Before I tell you what took my heart I need to explain that The Husband and I had been looking for a bar. The apartment we're in is turning into the most grown up one we have had. By this I mean everything matches and that it doesn't look like the one we had when we were in our early twenties. Our current dining room is spacious and since we love to have people over we decided that a bar would be the perfect addition to it.

For his birthday a few weeks ago, I gave him a bar tool set and book  about whiskey to get us started in the right direction. It had been sitting on the kitchen counter until I found its friend on Sunday morning. I liked the length, height, cabinets, and the fact that it was red because it would stand out from our black dining table and chairs. The Husband agreed on first sight so we pulled up the car and made the purchase. It got put together in about an hour and immediately gave the space the color it was lacking.

Currently the most represented drink is whiskey or bourbon (The Husband's drink of choice) but I am hoping to get it fully stocked and have all libations covered. His pride and joy is the Johnnie Walker Collection pack I got him for Christmas. He has been very exclusive about who he shares it with so we will see how long it stays on the bar before it gets moved to the cabinet.

Besides alcohol, I need to start keeping olives, lemons, and other garnishes around. I hope we can have it fully stocked by summer. I also gave The Husband a grilling tool set for his birthday so I'm hoping the summer will be filled with yummy grilled burgers and delicious drinks.


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