Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Royal Weekend

This last weekend had some gorgeous weather and we took full advantage of it. The Husband decided he wanted to grill some ribs and that we should invite my family over on Saturday. It was a great time! The ribs were delicious, my mom brought her amazing potato salad, and we spent two hours playing loteria (it's kind of like Mexican Bingo). Since it is always better to have too much food than not enough, The Husband had bought like twenty pounds of ribs. Even with seven people we didn't make that big of a dent.

On Sunday we had Danny's sister come over to check out the apartment. Her kids loved the playground and it was adorable to see them hanging off The Husband and following him wherever he went. He even channeled his inner Jordan and showed his nephew how to dribble a basketball. His parents came over as well and we had some of the leftovers from the day before.

I was exhausted Sunday night but had remembered to set the DVR for the series premier of E's The Royals. As you can read in my about me section, one of my goals in life is to be bff's with Kate Middleton. When I saw the previews for the show I knew it was something I was going to at least check out. Maybe the Duchess would make a cameo, lol.

The first episode was pretty interesting although not the best television. The characters aren't very developed and they seem to want to remind you constantly that they have titles but it has me curious about what will happen. Princess Eleanor (daughter of Elizabeth Hurley's character) seemed to be the most interesting one of all. We meet her at the club where she is snorting everything in sight, drinking like a fish, and flashing her lady bits while dancing on a table to Natalia Kills' Problem. They want you to know that the song is in fact the story of her life when she arrives at the palace in a helicopter and is found cradling a bottle of champagne the way some of us simpletons cradled bottles of Jose Cuervo in college. 

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Alexandra Park plays the princess and seems to be destined to become the break out star of the series. Hurley plays the sexiest queen ever (her body is CRAY) and the King's brother seems to use Scar from The Lion King as his inspiration for the character. It's all very obvious but if you like trashy TV you should check it out.


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