Monday, April 6, 2015

Aladdin and Easter

This past weekend was such a blast, I didn't want it to end. When the alarm went off this morning for The Husband to go to work I was very depressed. Our weekend of ballet and mimosas was over and it was back to the Monday-Friday life and getting everything ready for The Husband to leave town... again. He has been gone for most of the week the last few weeks and I am ready for the traveling to wind down. He's not gone as much as he was with his old job but still.

Saturday we had our date night and went to a place called Twigs in Farmington. I had noticed a lot of people I follow on Instagram were going there and raving about the food so I decided to make us a reservation. They are known for their martinis (the list is FOREVER long) and the menu seemed to have a lot of options.

Everything was so good! The fries we ordered as an appetizer were so tasty! We cleaned off the entire plate and probably would have ordered more if we hadn't already ordered dinner. My crab mac n' cheese was also to die for but tragedy struck when I forgot my leftovers on the table and didn't think about them until a half hour later. The Husband deemed his chicken the best of his life and that's saying something. After dinner we just walked around Station Park and enjoyed the evening.

On Easter Sunday we headed down to Salt Lake for the ballet. I had been looking forward to Aladdin since we first moved back and was ecstatic that they still had tickets. Since we got there early to try and beat LDS General Conference traffic, we went across the street from the theatre to have some drinks at The Vault. After a few mimosas, I was even more excited for the ballet and so happy that such a wonderful drink was invented.

The ballet was beautiful and one of my personal favorites. I loved the costumes and the story was based on the original Aladdin, not the Disney version. All the dancers did great and that included some pretty young kids. Our evening consisted of a delicious dinner at my in-laws house and Mad Men.

I hope you had a great Easter as well and may the weekend come soon for all of us!


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