Monday, April 20, 2015

I am a Lilly for Target Survivor

Yesterday all hell broke loose. I feel that Target should have known that nothing was going to stop preppy princesses and sorority girls from getting our Lilly. The fact that I live in Utah was something I was counting on as an advantage, especially since I'm not in Salt Lake City. I had never been excited or shopped from any of the previous Target collaborations so I feel I was poorly prepared.

Sunday morning I rolled up to my local Target at seven thirty and was ecstatic to see I was the first person there. As opening time got closer, a group of about ten of us were chatting about what we wanted and how excited we were. They opened the doors, let us in before the lights were on, and we grabbed our shopping carts.

Once we got to the Lilly section, we all kind of let out a disappointing sigh. The area was two racks and only had about ten of the clothing items on it. The wedge sandals I desperately wanted were an online only item and so were some of the other items the other women were looking for. They only had one of the dresses I wanted. I did walk out with two dresses and a top but it will still not as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

By the time I got home everything online was gone and my shoes were a trillion dollars on eBay. I am super excited about my three items but bummed I couldn't get my number one wish list item. After seeing the craziness some people had to deal with, I'm glad my area was nice and calm even though that's probably why we didn't get much stuff. 

Next time, I will just go online from the beginning.


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