Saturday, May 9, 2015

April Showers

The end of April was pretty awesome. I went to Vegas to visit my amazing friends and spent a weekend full of conversation, pampering, and delicious food. It was so much fun that I only took like two pictures and they're of the airplane.

While there, my friend Tiffany and I decided to spend a day at the spa. Spa Mio at The M Resort is incredible. It's not on the strip so it's not crowded but it has all the luxuries of any hotel you'd find there. The woman taking care of us was very attentive, our lunch was delicious, and my massage was just what I needed. It was great to have some girl time and spoil ourselves a bit.

Back in Utah things have been rainy. I really love it and am currently sitting with the window open so that I can hear it but I know many are sick of it. We're in the middle of a drought people! Rain=good.

One really good thing (for me anyway) is I have been visiting Target and finding lots of Lilly Pulitzer stuff that people have returned. I am happy to report that I have bought two vases, headbands, plates, and candle holders. The associates kind of looked at me like I was crazy because they had just put the stuff back out and then it was all in my cart.

Last night we tried a pizza place that everyone has been urging us to go to called Lucky Slice. My youngest sister kept insisting that the atmosphere was fun and that the pizza was delicious. We finally stopped by and I am happy to report that it is delicious. Plus, you can actually buy a slice of pizza instead of a whole one. I got a slice, breadstick, and drink for six dollars; you can't beat that!


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