Monday, July 20, 2015

Into the Woods

This past weekend was one that I will always remember. The Husband and myself, along with his sister, husband, and adorable kiddos went on a camping trip to Currant Creek up in the Uintah Mountains. The scenery was breathtaking, the fire was perfect, and we got some awesome thunder.

The first night got a little rough because the temperature went down to 38 degrees. Our tent was definitely not made to handle that, neither were our sleeping bags. The Husband and I spent that night sleepless and trying to get as close as possible (terrible, I know). We learned our lesson so the following night we slept in the back of our car. The rain helped put is to sleep that night and it was great.

It's crazy to me that I have only been camping a handful of times but have really grown to love it the two times we've been this summer. The stillness that surrounds you is probably the most relaxing thing you can experience. There was fishing, hiking, and some of the most delicious food (The Husband made the most delicious ribs). Plus, it's always sexy to see your husband start a fire and build you shelter, lol.


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