Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall and Football

On Saturday we headed to SLC to watch Utah take on Arizona State University. The Husband had never been to a Utah football game and I hadn't been since 2008. There was a threat of rain all day but football fans do not let weather hinder their spirits.

We got there early enough to go to the Ute Walk, which is a really great tradition. The entire football team and coaching staff walks through a tunnel of people and high fives everyone. I was super  that Coach Kyle Whittingham touched my hand!

During the game it started to pour. We had bought some pretty sassy ponchos at the bookstore before the game so we put those on. I was impressed that for five dollars I was kept dry and completely warm. After a messy game we ended up playing an amazing last few minutes and won the game.

Sunday was my sister-in-law's baby shower so I headed back down to SLC. When I got home The Husband surprised me with a delicious lobster, rib, potato, and scallop dinner. We spent the evening eating and watching football.


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