Monday, December 7, 2015

Marital Problems

As Cowboy fans, The Husband and I are anti NY Giants. However, there are always players that we like individually regardless of who they played for. Michael Strahan is one of those players. If you're not a football fan you only know him as half of Live with Kelly and Michael. He is so funny, personable, and charming that it might be hard to believe that he was actually famous for doing stuff like this.

On Saturday The Husband was flipping though channels when I saw a commercial for A Football Life Michael Strahan. I asked him to set the DVR to record it and he replied "But he's a Giant!" Thinking it was funny I tweeted The Husband's response and tagged Michael Strahan in it. We watched the show and were even more impressed by him.

Imagine my surprise when a few hours later my phone went off and I saw that Michael Strahan had replied to my tweet! I literally screamed so loud The Husband thought I had gotten hurt. When he saw what it said he was not as excited.

He was upset that I did not add that he is also a fan. I told him I wanted to but I ran out of characters. We had a pretty good laugh about it and I will now have an ice breaker if I ever go on Live with Kelly and Michael.


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