Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Rewind

As I mentioned previously, my Thanksgiving was amazing. We had not spent Thanksgiving with our families in five years. The morning of, we woke up like kids on Christmas morning. We got snow the night before so it was beautiful outside. I was excited to get to my parents house to help cook and watch the parade with my sisters.

We spent all morning laughing. I could tell my parents were happy to have all of us home for the holiday. My mom seriously knocked it out of the park! Her cooking is always amazing but the turkey was so tender and juicy. I could have eaten two plates of food but we were also going to The Husband's parents for dinner later on so I had to resist.

Isn't it beautiful!?
Sister pic
My amazing parents
Once we got to our second dinner we were starting to get hungry again. After playing darts (I always kick butt), watching football, and playing with our niece and nephew, we were ready to eat. The Husband's mom always makes multiple pies. My favorite is her pecan French silk supreme pie. Seriously, it's so good. My dinner there was light but my dessert was not. 

The next few days were filled with lots of relaxation and leftovers. Having worked retail for years I do not participate in Black Friday but I did some online shopping. We also bought our Christmas tree and decorated the apartment.


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