Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I have always loved books. Ever since I was a little girl a book is all I've needed to be happy. My parents use to give me a disapproving look because I would pull out a book anywhere. We'd be out to dinner or at someone's boring birthday party and I would just pull one out. I reread books like crazy but continue to add new ones to my never-ending list of books to read.

Yesterday I got on Barnes & Noble online just to browse. Before I knew it, I had a shopping cart with over $200 worth of books in it. I imagined The Husband's reaction when tons of books showed up and he realized what I had spent. The look of exasperation on his face as I explained we needed to rearrange our bookshelves to make a little more room.

The Husband has been suggesting for years that I get a nook or kindle or something that will make it easier for him when we move. My answer was always no. I like how books feel, smell, the sound of the pages turning. No electronic can match that. What if it changes my whole reading experience?

However, the convenience of just downloading a book and not having to decide what book to take with me on a trip seemed inviting. Yesterday, after staring at my shopping cart for over two hours, I became a traitor. Buying this NOOK was cheaper than buying all the books in my cart.

Image from Barnes&

I am excited to have access to so many books but am nervous it won't bring me the same joy. Hopefully it just enhances reading for me and makes it easier for me to read more. I will just have to touch and sniff the books I have to get the old-fashioned feel.


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