Saturday, February 13, 2016


February is basically halfway over. How does that happen? This month The Husband and I will have our first, real anniversary. We got married on Leap Day so we are heading to Vegas to celebrate four years of wedded bliss. In the meantime, I have been busy with my sorority and other things that bring me joy.

Since getting my NOOK, I have read six books in a month. It has been quite glorious to just see a book I am interested in and within seconds it's mine. I love that I am able to get the definition of words I don't know by touching the word. However, I miss touching a book and am currently reading the book version of The Devil in the White City. It is good and I am now fascinated by the Chicago World's Fair.

From google images
Another amazing thing that I am excited about is I started taking a creative writing class at the University of Utah. Writing has always been a passion of mine. In middle school I used to write stories and hand the out to my friends. I am hoping the class will help me get over my fear of having other people read my work. There is a writing competition I would like to enter in May and think the feedback would be great.

I bought some new cosmetics that I am excited to try. My sorority sister Katie recently started selling Younique makeup. I have always loved makeup but am terrible at matching my skin. She has been really great at answering my questions and explaining how products work with her videos. I can't wait to receive my stuff and try it out.

We also had a Super Bowl party. Both our families came and I think it went really well. It took forever to make all the food and everything but it was great to have everyone get together and have a good time. I feel like the commercials weren't that great but below are my two favorites. Can I just say that you should watch all four of the NFL players doing their daughter's hair. It is precious!


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