Sunday, March 6, 2016

Anniversary in Vegas

This year was a Leap year which means The Husband and I finally had our first official anniversary. We decided to head to Vegas but not stay on The Strip to make it a little more relaxing. I love The Strip but I always feel like we need to be doing something and get caught up in all the excitement.

The JW Marriott Resort was perfect for this. It was about a twenty minute drive to The Strip but it has a casino, spa, golf course, and is close to shopping and restaurants. Just walking in the vibe was relaxing. Although we went to The Strip for our anniversary dinner and one afternoon for lunch we mainly lounged around and got lots of room service. Plus, The Husband surprised me one night with a spa appointment and I had the place to myself.

Basically, we ate and lounged around a lot. We had our anniversary at N9NE in The Palms. It was incredible. Their french fries were the best and had a yummy dipping sauce and their lobster mac and cheese was crazy good.

Anniversary dinner at N9NE


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