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At the end of October, The Husband and I went on our honeymoon... almost six years later. When we got married his work schedule wouldn't allow him additional time off and we didn't really have a ton of money to spend so we put it off. Fast forward to last May and we still had never gone on one and decided to do something about it.

We booked a cruise for the Bahamas for the end of October and happily anticipated the day we got to fly to Miami. The day we finally got on the ship was so exciting! It was also sensory overload. I wanted to see, do, and eat everything but I didn't even know where to start. Luckily, The Husband is a lot calmer than I am so he was able to help me calm down and take it all in stride.

In May we are headed on another cruise and I can't wait! I think I'm more excited now that I know what to expect! We have booked some excursions that I'm super stoked for and will be arriving to Miami earlier to hopefully get to have a night on the town there.

This post is super long but I decided to share some of the prep I feel helped with my first cruise experience. Everyone will tell you something different but I feel these are the things I was told that helped us out the most. This is all stuff to consider from the moment you decide to book a cruise to before you physically get on it.

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1. Explore the ship- Look at the activities on board. Do you have a family? Check and see what the day camps for your children are all about. Athletic? Check and see what the gym and sports courts look like. Some ships have certain food places that others won't have. Select the one that works best for your needs!

2. Explore each port beforehand- I think this is a big one! There are some places where it is better to have an excursion planned than to just wander around. In Nassau, we booked an excursion to the Atlantis and I'm so glad we did! I really wanted to see it and was tempted to just find a way over there once we arrived. It would have been more work to get there than I thought. Our last stop in Freeport we didn't even get off the ship. We knew there wasn't much for us there and instead used the time to get the pool and slides to ourselves.

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3. Calculate the drink packages- Everyone told us to get a drink package. They were like $60 a person but that included your alcohol and soda. The Husband insisted that we needed it but I told him we didn't. I don't drink much soda and there's no way we would drink $120 worth of alcohol a day. In the end, we didn't and were glad. They have cocktail specials everyday you can get for $7-$9 dollars and you can't use your drink pass on the private island they have. I have definitely spoken to people that save money because they purchase it so do the math before you buy!

4. Select late dining or your time dining option- The Husband and I eat dinner pretty early (6:30-7:00). We selected the early dining option (6:00) because we figured we would starve if we waited until eight. We were wrong. Not only were we not starving but it felt like we had to rush from the port back to the ship in order to shower and get ready for dinner. This upcoming cruise we selected Your Time dining which means we can go to the dining room any time from 5:45 to 9:30.

5. Download the app- Carnival has this app that you can use without internet (we didn't get an internet package) that shows you the schedule for each day. I would favorite all the things I thought looked fun (Friends trivia, movie night, learn the Thriller dance) and it would send me reminders before the activity started. Before your trip comes it works as a countdown!

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