Friday, March 9, 2018

It's a Problem

Last year, I was looking around the back of my office and noticed some cookies. I had never heard of Tim Tam but they were covered in chocolate so why not try them? It ended up being life changing.

I thought they were super good but someone in the office said you couldn't buy them at any store. I kind of browsed around a few times but never saw them so I put the deliciousness in the back of my mind and went back about my life.

Fast forward to few weeks ago. The Husband came home from the store and told me he had a treat for me. Tim Tam cookies! I went through them in like a day. We started buying them once a week and now when I get home from work the first I do is go to the kitchen and eat a cookie, just one! It sounds silly but it satisfies my craving. Anyway, they have become a staple in our house and when I run out and it's not grocery day I feel so let down when I get home.

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